Look for the solar powered lawnmowers at Epcot.

There is a butterfly garden behind Mouse Gears.

At night the main walkway near and between the Innoventions twinkle with thousands of tiny lights. There are “fireflies” in the trees.

There are a few talking water fountains:  Outside the Mouse Gear shop; behind Innoventions West, near the restroom, between Innoventions and HISTA Pavilion; near the play fountain between Future World and World Showcase.

There is a  marker in Epcot that use to represents the center of WDW. Land acquisitions and sales over the years have changed the center.  You can find it to the west of Innoventions West, on that path that leads to Living With the Land.

The mural at the top of the ramp entrance to Spaceship Earth shows a caveman holding a rock shaped like a turkey leg.

The burning smell in the Roman scene in Spaceship Earth is part of the show, do not dial 911 from your cell phone.

In Spaceship Earth, two figures have defected from Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom.  The sleeping monk is Woodrow Wilson and the large bald slave in the Egyptian scene is William Taft.

In the scene at the top where the moon is showing, you may see a lift, which is used to get Mickey or others to the top of Spaceship Earth outside for special events or movie shoots.

In the Mission: SPACE capsule, most of the buttons and switches do make things happen, such as flash lights or give off sounds. So feel free to tamper with the controls during the ride

When you are in the gift shop of Mission: SPACE look at the walls. It looks like electricial boxes and wiring. some of these boxes are Mickeys heads.

The 134 foot long mural at Living With the Land is made up of over 150,000 tiles.  They represent the layers of the Earth’s soil. Both sides of the mural are alike for one green tile on the right-hand side which was placed there by the artist as her “signature.”

Also in the Land pavilion, the address on the mail box in front of the farm house has 82 or 1982 on it.  The Park opened in 1982.  On the boat ride, watch for the lab set up on the right near the end of the ride.  There are a bunch of green test tubes in the shape of Mickeys head in the test tube holder on the far right.

At Living Seas, look at the beams inside. You will see a bunch of letter and number combinations. The people who worked on the building wanted to leave something so the letters and numbers mean something special to each person.

At Club Cool, the treads of the tractor that sits there are in the shape of Coke bottles. Also one of the parts in the satellite dish.

Behind Club Cool on the way to Journey Into Imagination the walkway plays musical notes as you walk along.

Sometimes at the exit to Test Track, you might encounter the test crash dummies.  They look like statues, but there really are people in there dressed up.  If you see them don’t tell anyone else in your party but get your party to pose next to the dummies for a picture and they will come to life!

When you exit the Test Track ride area, you walk into a room that looks like a factory with lots of motorized carts overhead moving around and and conveyor belts moving parts. It looks like a huge room, but if you walk over to the wall on the right side and stand at the right angle you can see that the room is actually pretty small and that they use mirrors to give the illusion that you’re standing in a section of a huge warehouse/factory!

On Soarin’, look for the Hidden Mickeys in the golf ball and fireworks.The World Showcase park entrance, we found the upside down classic Mickey in the clock.

The concrete paths around the lagoon are red to make the grass appear greener.